Boyfriend Does My Makeup

After bringing back ‘Life with Kirsty‘ earlier this month, I sat down with my notebook and created mind map after mind map, list after list of all the ideas I had for upcoming posts. I also found a really interesting and helpful post over on ‘The Prosecco Diaries‘ blog featuring 400 Blog Post Ideas – I definitely recommend giving that a read!

I’ve seen this idea all over Youtube in the past and I’ve always enjoyed the videos but I’ve never seen it as a blog post. So I jumped at the opportunity when my boyfriend Max was staying round for the night. He was surprisingly more enthusiastic than I had expected, I wasn’t sure if this was a bad thing and he intended to turn my into a clown or if he genuinely was excited about idea but there was only one way to find out.

My only contribution to the application of my makeup was choosing the products and explaining what brush goes with what product (I have some very expensive brushes that I’d rather not get ruined from the wrong product). I didn’t tell him what order to go in, how to use the products or the brushes. Once Max got his head around all the different makeup products he would actually be using, we were a go. 


I was technically cheating as I recently got individual lashes but this worked out in my favour as Max has a weird thing about eyes and doesn’t like getting up close with them – I didn’t give him a pass on eyeshadow though!

Max started with my foundation (Collection Lasting Perfection in 2 Warm Ivory). He squirted a blob onto the back of his hand and dabbed my real techniques stippling brush to “paint” my face. He quite literally used the stippling brush as a paint brush and used painting strokes to apply my foundation… There was no circular motions or blending involved. I had a white border around my hairline and ears. Max then grabbed my Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Concealor in C1 and using the applicator dabbed my blemishes and spots. He did a good job at blending this in but didn’t apply any under-eye concealor to cover my bags.



After Max was happy with my foundation and concealor, he moved onto contour. Using my W7 Bronze Shimmer and my real techniques expert face brush Max went in on my cheeks. He dabbed the brush into the bronzer and started in the middle of my cheek and made his way to my ear. At one point Max actually brushed the bronzer vertically up my cheek… This continues until he was happy that he could see it easily.

Next was my Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in 001 Transparent. Thankfully this was pretty straight forward! Max used my real techniques powder brush, swirled it around in the powder and brushed it all over my face. At this point he was much happier as it made my foundation look better – “not so thick“.

Max then took to highlighting. Using my Sleek Highlighting Palette Solstice Max dabbed an old thin brush in the shade Equinox and brushed along my cheek bone.


Max then decided it was eyebrow time. He picked up my Makeup Revolution Brow Pomade in Dark Brown and my real techniques angled liner brush and dipped it into the pomade a few times before taking the brush to my brow. I can’t say he followed any kind of technique for this.

Onto eyeshadow, the part Max was dreading the entire time. I gave him an old palette to work from and let him loose. He used a fluffy eyeshadow brush to apply and ‘blend’ the eyeshadow. He started with a light shade all over and then applied a dark brown/gold shade to the outer edge of my eyelid. Max blended this with a few quick strokes of the brush.


Max finished the look with Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss in 56 Boho Nude lipstick and only went off my lip once!


All in all, I wouldn’t say it was a total fail. Definitely not perfect but not all that bad either. It was a load of fun creating this look and letting Max loose with my makeup. He enjoyed it more than he thought he would (now claiming he’s a professional…) and we had a good laugh. I’m rather impressed that he didn’t make me look like a clown and actually gave it his best shot!

K xo