About Me

Hello there, welcome to my blog! I’m Kirsty, a twenty something woman from Kent, England.

This isn’t my first blog, up until May 2017 I was the proud creator and owner of Typically Kirsty but when my long term relationship broke down, I fell out of love with blogging and it’s taken me a while to get back on my feet again. I thought about restarting Typically Kirsty but I felt like I needed a fresh start, so here we are. This is my fresh start.

Life with Kirsty will follow me on my adventures, it will share with you everything I’m loving and everything I’m hating. I plan on sharing the oh so wonderful moments and the not so wonderful moments.

So let’s start with a little about me. I’m a tattooed, overweight, slightly mad woman who’s obsessed with Netflix and can devour an entire swiss roll in one sitting. I enjoy reading, walking my doggies and writing lists/organising. I spend my night’s out getting far too drunk and awkwardly shaking my buttocks to some awful songs. I spend my nights in curled up to my cat reading book after book on my kindle.

I hope you enjoy my blog.

K xo