Valentines Gift Guide

I’ve never really been into the whole Valentines thing but this year I feel different towards the occasion. I met my boyfriend back in November 2018 and am actually very happy in my relationship so I guess I’m quite excited for our first Valentines together. Unfortunately in this post, I won’t be sharing the gifts I’ve bought for my boyfriend as he’ll most likely read this. (Sorry Max, you’ll just have to be patient).

Valentines is just under 2 weeks away and even though I’m incredibly organised, I know most people aren’t. I tend to plan things weeks/months in advance and end up having to keep tight lipped about it all, which if you know me, is an incredibly hard thing to do!

I always try to stay clear of the stereotypical gifts for Valentines, i.e roses, chocolates and lingerie. So I figured I would try to create a little gift guide for people who like me, want to think outside the box more.

Engraved Jewellery

I love this idea personally. I think it’s sweet, personal and thoughtful. You don’t have to stick with the typical name, initial or date idea but maybe a short phrase you both use or something the both of you will understand. Obviously name, initial or date works too. For the women, maybe a small heart necklace with your initial etched into the metal. For the men, maybe a nice watch with something personal etched into the back.

Spa Treatments

Why not treat yourselves to a couples massage or send your partner away for the night to relax. If money’s tight, create your own mini spa indoors. Set up lots of candles, grab strawberries and melted chocolate, put on some soothing music and give each other a massage or two…

Photo Album

Grab a photo album, old or new is fine. Fill it to the brim with photos and memories of the two of you. Save any old receipts or tickets from days spent together and slide them into the photo album too. I think this is a very thoughtful sentimental idea. Doesn’t have to cost a bomb either, use your printer to print off some photos to save the pennies!

Dinner for Two

This is a pretty obvious idea but don’t go out and splash the cash. Create a fun easy menu for starters, mains and desserts. Light a candle. Set the scene. Then either cook for your partner or have fun cooking together.

Animal Adoption

I think this is a pretty quirky cool gift. Why not adopt an endangered species for your other half? The perfect gift for animal lovers who still live with their parents, who wouldn’t appreciate them bringing home a puppy. When you adopt an animal you’ll receive a pack regarding the adoption and a cute teddy. Go the extra mile and adopt a specific animal and some companies will send updates and photos of them.

If you’re single and reading this, why not treat yourself to a spa treatment or adopt an endangered animal! You can still be strong and independent without a partner! LOVE YOURSELF. 

K xo

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